Celebrating 10 years of impact

What We Do

We fix the education gap for visually impaired children in Africa

New Braille Machines

We regularly review all countries where we operate to understand what number of Braillers are required to deliver a minimum level of access to all visually impaired students, and ensure that new Braillers are provided where needed.

Brailler Repair

As a core foundation of our work, we build Brailler repair ecosystems in all of the countries where we operate, and we do this by providing spare parts and training repair technicians placed in a range of schools across the countries where we operate.

Teaching Support

With a pen and paper (i.e. a Braille machine) in the hands of children who need them, we can now unlock their learning potential. We help do this by supporting teachers with learning aids and tools so that they can be as effective as possible. Soon we hope to supply Braille books too.


We also advocate on behalf of blind and visually impaired students from primary through university in the countries where we operate to try and unlock additional government funding and support for the blind – a vital strategy in our effort to creating sustainable long-term opportunities.

Unlocking Literacy For Life

We support education programming visually impaired students in schools throughout Africa
We unlock potential in children through access to Braille

By improving literacy, we help blind and visually impaired children to achieve higher job placement rates, improve their ability to integrate and increase their independence. We do this by ensuring that thousands of Braillers across East Africa, are maintained and in working condition. We also provide new Braillers where needed, and help support the teaching process by providing Braille paper and other critical supplies. And now we're funding new technology and initiatives that will lower the costs of our services and increase our reach even further.

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The KBT's operating team is based in Nairobi, Kenya

Suparna Biswas

Executive Director

Alex Kaluyu Ngungua

Regional Program Manager

Isabell Naliali Osallo

Finance & Administration Manager

William Gichia

Technical Coordinator


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