December 15, 2018

10th Anniversary

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KBTA celebrated 10 years of service to learners with visual impairment in East Africa and Malawi at an event, on November 23, 2018, This event took place at the Kilimani Integrated Primary School in Nairobi, attend by over 200 people. The guest list included blind children from different primary schools, teachers, government, corporate dignitaries, partners and other stakeholders.

After 10 years of existence, KBTA took the opportunity of this event to showcase the needs of blind/visually impaired learners as well as the different solutions available to them in Africa. Safaricom, who have in the past, supported the needs of people with disability, also joint KBTA to launch their White Cane campaign. Other partners working in the visual disability sector also presented their work to the guests.

The day’s program included a panel discussion on the impact of technology in education of learners with visual impairment. The idea was to inform stakeholders on the various future opportunities for the education of visually impaired learners. The panel was made up of experienced representatives of organizations working in the special needs education sector, the private sector and social entrepreneurs. The highlight was the launch of the Orbit Reader 20 which is an electronic braille note taker and reader. This innovation for braille users will be a step change in the way that learners with visual impairment in Africa, can access information and prescribed learning materials in electronic braille from different sources. KBTA has actively pursued development of this technology and today has the distribution rights within our partner countries.