Best friends summit Kilimanjaro for the KBT

 Their story begins in late 2001 on a muddy rugby pitch under the canopy of the Swiss Alps where they played in opposing high school teams. Fast forward to the first day of freshman year at the University of Richmond. To their utter surprise, there they were – both moving boxes into the exact same dorm room. Within an instance they went from former rugby nemesis to roommates. From there, their friendship flourished as they enrolled in the same major, pursued similar interests, and pushed one another to do more and excell.

Since then, they’ve parted ways to pursue careers in different parts of the globe, but their mutual interests and desire to push each other to the limits has persisted, and now they’ve decided to team up and climb Mt Kilimanjaro to raise funds for the Kilimanjaro Blind Trust.

As stated on their fundraising page: “In the USA, 70% of blind who cannot read Braile are unemployed while 80% who are Braille literate are employed. Of the 6 million children who are blind, almost 87% live in developing countries where resources to help them and their families cope are scarce, if existent at all. To date, the Kilimanjaro Blind Trust has opened 3 spare parts depots to facilitate the reparation of Braille machines, has funded intensive programs to train more than two dozen people to repair braille machines, has distributed dozens of new machines to classrooms throughout the country and has helped repair over 2,000 machines. Braille literacy is key to jobs and to independence.

“We are asking for your help in supporting the Kilimanjaro Blind Trust. We have a goal of raising $8,000 to benefit the organization and further the work that they are doing in East Africa. Your donation of $20, $50, $100 or more would be greatly appreciated and a huge encouragement to us.”

To learn more about their climb and help them meet their goal, please visit their fundraising page today!

And they’ve even received press coverage of their climb. Read their latest press here!