Students receive their own Perkins Braillers

Three university graduates in Kenya have received their own Perkins Brailler from the Kilimanjaro Blind Trust to help them further their education and find employment. They have each kindly written letters to the KBT about what Braillers mean to them and how Braillers have affected their lives. For example for Emma, “Life changed soon after Read more about Students receive their own Perkins Braillers[…]

KBT Sponsors Brailler Repair Training

Mr. Jude Afema assisting trainees on how to remove a mainspring This is a report for the training of Perkins Brailler repair technicians. This training was sponsored by the Perkins school for the blind, Kilimanjaro blind trust and USAID and was implemented by Uganda National Association of the Blind. Twelve participants were drawn from twelve Read more about KBT Sponsors Brailler Repair Training[…]

Integrated Approach to Braille Literacy, An Update on KBT’s progress

The Kilimanjaro Blind Trust, with its partners, has been setting up an integrated approach of providing new Braille machines to institutions where there are not enough for each blind student to have his or her own machine. The Trust has also run training programs to prepare more repair people so that a machine can be Read more about Integrated Approach to Braille Literacy, An Update on KBT’s progress[…]

KBT funds staff training at the African Braille Center

Thanks to funding from the Kilimanjaro Blind Trust, the African Braille Centre has been able to train staff at area schools to undertake minor Brailler maintenance and repairs. “Children in school will not have to go for days without accessing their Brailler due to minor defects. The blind children will be able to learn side Read more about KBT funds staff training at the African Braille Center[…]

Perkins releases new brailler

In some very exciting news, Perkins Products released a new edition of the Perkins Brailler that is lighter, smaller, cheaper, and easier to use. You can read all about the improvements on their website, or take a look through the article: