Douglas Sidialo rides 900km, 9-day Joberg2c mountain bike race

Douglas Sidialo completed yet another heroic challenge to raise funds and awareness for the blind. This time he road a 900km 9-day journey on the joberg2c mountain bike race and has been encouraging people to give generously to the KBT through their giving page to support the KBT’s cause.

Douglas’ race has received great press coverage. Douglas was recently featured in Business Today A Biking Blind Man with a Big Heart:

“Douglas’ participation in this event resonates well with KBTA’s objectives and goals of attaining independence, good quality of life, strength, equal opportunities and indeed proves that ‘disability is not inability’,” says Dr. Moses Mwaniki, Kilimanjaro Blind Trust Director. “Successful completion of the race adds to the many accolades that Douglas has defended over the years.”

There are also some great interviews with Douglas about his amazing adventure! Take a look for yourself:

Additional coverage of Douglas’ race:

From Daily Nation: Blind faith: How terror bombing survivor is turning wheels of fate

“To give back to society, Sidialo spends time as a motivational speaker, encouraging those who have suffered similar losses and is an active participant in the Kilimanjaro Blind Trust, which seeks to offer educational opportunities to young people with sight problems.”


From Baydu: 900Km for More than Yourself

“With Kiriko piloting the tandem bike of team Seeing Is Believing and Sidialo peddling behind him, the pair aims to spread Sidialo’s message of hope, grit and possibility beyond just the endurance cycling community.This is to “inspire hope and excite the world through the power of the human spirit””