August 5, 2011

Give Now

What impact can I have?

  • A gift of $50 buys a year’s supply of Braille paper for 5 children.
  • A gift of $300 covers spare parts to repair 10 Braille machines.
  • A gift of $800 can unlock a lifetime of access to a Braille machine for a blind child. In the US, blind people with Braille literacy have an 80% better chance of finding employment. Our goal is to have one Braille machine for every blind child.
  • A gift of $5,000 would deliver training for 10 additional repair people. When we train technicians, we create the potential to repair 200+ Braille machines per year.


How will my gift be used?

  • 100% of your generous gift will be used to:
    • Buy Braille machines for blind children
    • Train and hire Brailler repair technicians
    • Build our spare parts inventory
    • Improve teacher training
    • Distribute braille books to classrooms
    • Provide quality Braille paper and other student materials

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